13 baby goats and counting!

Wow, What a week! My mama goats have been so busy. While I went to the Austin Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator’s Conference in Austin Texas, my little goats have been popping out babies! I am soon going to make a blog dedicated to all things goat.

First milk of the season!
Today I got 1.5 gallons of milk off of 6 mama’s. They are also feeding their babies so I am guessing that they are producing double that amount of milk. Which means they are more than likely producing half a gallon of milk per goat. Who knew that goats could produce so much milk!
So, yesterday I made feta cheese. mmmm….

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by akikowhite

Creative mother of three, children's book illustrator, writer and cakelustrator. Represented by Storm Literary Agency.

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