Easter Drip Cakes

Little Bunny Foo Foo Drip Cakes

I had a blast creating these drip cakes! I loved seeing my other cake artist friends make these and wanted to try them out! So what better time to do it than on Easter!!! I made 5 cakes in all.

These are the larger of the three. It is a lot of fun to make these because pretty much anything goes! I bought different easter candies. I added 2 different kinds of sprinkles, made home made cake balls and hand painted macarons for the top. I also made some vanilla and chocolate bark with sprinkles of course!

I purchased some cute little chocolate bunnies to put on top and wha la!

I also created some fondant flowers to add to the sugary goodness!

There actually is a method to this madness!

To make these you will need several kind of sweets to put on the top of the cakes. I advise to lay out all your toppers and start with the largest piece first. (for me it was the bunny) then build out from there. I put the bark on in various places, cake balls, macrons, candies and then added the sprinkles last. I use the rule of threes when doing the cacheable and macarons. I think it really keeps the design looking good but not to chaotic. If you decide to make one, fun with it!

Close up photos of the goodness! Yum!

Here you can see my hand painted macarons up close.

It is a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, buttercream icing and chocolate ganache as the drip.

I also made some Easter cake pops! Yum yum!

Time to dig in… I promise we didn’t drool on the cakes! or maybe we did!

Below you can watch my quick YouTube video of how I made the cake.



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Akiko White

Thank you! 🙂


Looks super cute and so very yummy!

Maralyn Smith

I love it. When can we expect a book with your designs that we can copy??? xx