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King Tut Book Launch Cake for P.J. (Tricia) Hoover

King Tut Book Launch Cake for P.J. (Tricia) Hoover

King Tut Cake!

I was invited to create an epic cake for my friend P.J. (Tricia) Hoover’s book launch for her second book in her Tut series. The book launch party was at Book People in Austin on March 4, 2017. It is a great series about Tut’s internal life as a middle schooler. There are battles to be fought with Egyptian creatures and lots of experiences that teens can relate too. It’s a must read! #readtut

We made it into Publisher’s weekly!!

Below is the YouTube video of my process in making the cake and also a video of the party. Enjoy!


How I created the King Tut Cake

This was a challenging cake to create because I wanted to use the gold paint. Gold paint is actually nontoxic, but not recommended for consumption. (The Silver dragree balls that you see on cakes or cupcakes are painted with the same product. I recommend using only on parts of a cake that will not be eaten.)

I also wanted to make the head shelf stable for days to come so that Tricia could keep it in her bookshelf. They call cakes that are shelf stable for years Dummy Cakes. These are usually made with styrafoam dummies that are either shaped in the style of cake or carved to the design specifications.

Also when I create these cakes I want to make it easy for serving purposes. There are usually around 50+ people at a book launch. I want to make it easy to serve those hungry children…of all sizes! So instead of just stacking all the cakes on top of each, I usually put multiple cardboard bases between the layers. This also helps with the structure of the cake. I usually have to drive over 50 miles to deliver these types of cakes. I need them to be structurally sound for the ride.


I Scream, You Scream

We all Scream for Ice-Cream!!!

I’m so excited to share this ice-cream reveal from NadaMoo ice-cream company. I was asked to make a realistic pint of ice-cream out of cake for their new birthday cake cookie dough and sprinkles dairy free ice-cream.

Introducing the first of our two brand new flavors, Birthday Cake Cookie Dough! Sprinkles, cookie dough, frosted yellow cake and pure joy all packed into a pint! ??? – – – – – – – – – Tune in tonight for our second new flavor! ?? – – – – – – – – – We also want to give HUGE thanks to @AkikoWhite for making the incredible/delicious Birthday Cake Cookie Dough cake we used in this video! She did an amazing job!

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Here is a process shot of the cake I made. They paper is printed with edible ink on wafer paper. I iced the cake just to the exact size so when they cut the cake they could morph their original pint into the shoot at the end.


I actually made two so they had an extra incase they messed up the first shoot.


My Food Network Experience

In 2016 I had the opportunity to be on Food Network’s Cake Wars. It was quite an experience.

To begin with, you have to submit an audition reel. I can’t help but laugh, If you tell them your “Insane” and have a couple farm animals in your reel, you can be on TV. At least that’s how I got on! I do have a few nice cake though and I think my outgoing unpredictable personality was just what they were looking for!

Who’s a Texas Sweetheart and Texas Scoundrel?

I was honored to create a cake for the Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrels. It was raffled off at the Texas Library Associations annual conference. It was created using all 60 published books of the 13 authors who are a part of the Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrels.

It was placed on a table in the Overlook Books Booth. Many librarians enjoyed seeing all the edible creations on the cake and most were commenting that they were a scoundrel librarian!

What I thought was quite amazing is that I picked the one person who put their name in the hat that was celebrating a birthday! How cool is that!!!

Robbi Lenox of Cimarron Elementary

Here is the link to the Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrels Blog post about my cake and the TLA.

Texas Sweethearts & Scoundrels: A Yummy THANK YOU from the Texas Sweethearts & Sco…: Thank you for sharing TLA 2016 with us! Thank you so much to all those who stopped by to see us at TLA! We adored sharing our TLA rec…

Here are some process shots of the cake I made. The book covers were printed on wafer paper with edible ink. Then glued to gum paste with piping gel. I used wires to hold the books in place and to make the branches of the tree. The topper was made to be easily taken off and enjoyed on a bookshelf as a art piece. I enjoyed making this creation…even if I didn’t get much sleep. 😉

Easter Drip Cakes

Little Bunny Foo Foo Drip Cakes

I had a blast creating these drip cakes! I loved seeing my other cake artist friends make these and wanted to try them out! So what better time to do it than on Easter!!! I made 5 cakes in all.

These are the larger of the three. It is a lot of fun to make these because pretty much anything goes! I bought different easter candies. I added 2 different kinds of sprinkles, made home made cake balls and hand painted macarons for the top. I also made some vanilla and chocolate bark with sprinkles of course!

I purchased some cute little chocolate bunnies to put on top and wha la!

I also created some fondant flowers to add to the sugary goodness!

There actually is a method to this madness!

To make these you will need several kind of sweets to put on the top of the cakes. I advise to lay out all your toppers and start with the largest piece first. (for me it was the bunny) then build out from there. I put the bark on in various places, cake balls, macrons, candies and then added the sprinkles last. I use the rule of threes when doing the cacheable and macarons. I think it really keeps the design looking good but not to chaotic. If you decide to make one, fun with it!

Close up photos of the goodness! Yum!

Here you can see my hand painted macarons up close.

It is a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, buttercream icing and chocolate ganache as the drip.

I also made some Easter cake pops! Yum yum!

Time to dig in… I promise we didn’t drool on the cakes! or maybe we did!

Below you can watch my quick YouTube video of how I made the cake.



Spotlight in Cake Master’s Magazine

What an AMAZING feeling to see your own art in a magazine! I want to thank Cake Masters Magazine for the wonderful Cake Spotlight spread in this years April Issue of their magazine. My Pied Piper Cake won Best of Divisions at the Austin Capital Confectioners “That Takes the Cake” show. There is a spread right after mine showing a few of the incredible cakes that were in the show. This years theme, “Once Upon a Cake” was perfect for my Cakelustrations! I had a great deal of fun creating my own version of the Pied Piper.