My Recent Submissions

My submission of a full colored handcrafted dummy booklet, 
SASE, a postcard with check boxes, and the manuscript. 
I recently submitted a finished picture book to several publishers. At the moment I do not have an agent, so I am responsible for all inquiries. It is not an easy task nor is it inexpensive. I spent a lot of time and energy researching, printing, and constructing my book dummy. I sent out 9 packages in the mail to various publishers. (9 doesn’t seem like a lot but when each package cost about $20 each, it starts to adds up!) I have received 4 of my packages back, 1 never reached the publisher, 2 with form letters, and one that I was very pleased with. It wasn’t a contract but it was a form letter with a personal note attached to it. I want to thank Al Krysan from Finney Company for taking the time to actually write something positive and constructive. Just a few personal notes from an editor or art director gives me a little hope that maybe someday I will be able to share my stories and illustrations. 
Personal note from Al Krysan, Finney Company.
And the form letters…
Boyds Mill Press enclosed the 2013 Highlights Children’s Writers and Illustrators workshop calendar. It was a nice addition to the form letter but, I’m not sure if it was for my enrichment or that my writing was so bad they thought I could use some help! I’ll assume it is for perfecting my craft of writing and illustrating. 🙂

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