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Finally have time to Blog!

I have been busy with teaching and have not had the time to blog, but I want to start being more proactive about it and get some information out there! I am proud of all my students. They have done exceptionally well this semester. I have also enjoyed teaching them.

So…now that I have more time to blog and paint I will be posting more things. I have a show in June during the Blanco Lavender Fest in Blanco, Texas. This show will be at the Blanco Art Center Downtown. My daughter and I will also be teaching classes there this summer if anyone is interested.

I spent most of the day yesterday just organizing and deciding what images would look good on what canvases. I am looking forward to turning the white canvases into colorful renditions of my farm friends and nature.

Because I have just started the process. I will post and a few past paintings of my farm friends. In my next post I will go through the process of how I get an image from a photograph onto the canvas.

 This is a painting of my little white Dorper sheep Rudolf. We got him around Christmas time. He was an orphaned lamb. I tend to be the go to mama for orphaned animals. He has since grown and is now living happily with his herd of ewes at Fat Bottom Farm in Gause, Texas. They make goat milk products and  raise several different farm friends. They were also on Discovery channel’s television show Dirty Jobs by Mike Rowe.

Here is the link to Fat Bottom Farm’s fun story on their 15 minutes of fame! 

This is Afro our top rooster at the moment. He is a Polish rooster who has a great do. I added a little more color to his feathers, but I think it show’s his personality. He lost his mate to a raccoon last year. Recently this year our main rooster Big Red has gone to a happy place and Afro has gratefully taken his place amongst the hens. It’s a big responsibility but he is enjoying his new reign. Afro is a great subject to paint and draw. I will definitely be doing more paintings of him soon.

This is Rosie. She was one of our better milkers. I really enjoy my Nubian goats. They have such wonderful personalities. Rosie was one of the first goats that we acquired. I did not want goats! My impression was that goats are pushy animals, annoying and a big responsibility! Well they are all that and more, but they are well worth the headache. They are so sweet and fun that they negate all the bad qualities that I initially thought they had. Just ask anyone with a milk goat. They will say they have a love hate relationship with them, with more on the love than hate.
There will be more paintings of these types of goats in the future. I just love their long dangly ears!

Spring Break

We went to the coast over spring break.
This is a painting that I recently did for our friends 
as a thank you gift for letting us stay at their condo.
Port Aranasas, Texas is a nice get away for my family.
It is only 3 hours away from our hill country home.

This painting is hanging in my friends condo.
If you would like to view other paintings like this one 
please check out my website
You may also purchases my coastal paintings from the 
Felder Gallery in Port Aransas, Texas. Their website is:
Here you will see some amazing artist. Larry Felder is the 
owner and also sells his beautiful paintings here. He just recently 
moved to Costa Rica. Larry has been blogging about his 
painting techniques. If you are an artist or just interested in art his
blog would be worth following…
Happy Spring Everyone!

I just enjoyed and evening with friends. It was a Mardi Gras themed party. 
This is a painting that I did for Mardi Gras on Main in Kerrville. It was used 
as decoration last night. It is a 16 x 20 framed painting. Still available for purchase. 
Happy Mardi Gras Ya’ll!

Artisanal Life

I love organic foods. My family makes many things from scratch. It may not be the easiest way but it is the most delicious way. I love the way a fresh cut vegetable taste from my own garden. Also the gratification of making cheese from the milk of an animal that I have raised. I like to see the excitement in my children’s eyes when I turn on the mixer to make a special homemade treat.

I want to capture all of this in my paintings and illustrations. I want to share all of this with you. This is the way life should be. Live it! Savor it!